Cartoon Nails!


This was the last challenge for nail art may on IG.
I had been wanting to try these out for a while but was too scared.
I thought I may aswell try it now though seeing as the challenge had come up.

I chose pink as I feel like it looks more cartoony. They make me think of Barbie

Colours used – @ulta3
– Fairy Floss
– Black Satin
– Lily White

Here is a little pictorial of how I did them.


□ Put on a base coat. I used G&G Stuck on blu!
□ Apply your colour. I used 3 coats of Ulta3 Fairy Floss.  
□ With a fine brush draw a thick black line all the way around the border of your nail. Clean up any excess polish on the cuticle area.                          
□ With a fine brush draw a white line up the side of your nail. Put a dot at the end of the line.
□ Finish with a topcoat. I used HK Girl Topcoat.


I then of course had to add a matte top coat (Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat)
It definitely finishes off the look!


Nautical Nails

A challenge from #nailartmay on Instagram.

Colours used – Ulta3 Lily White, Deep Sea Blue & Sizzling Red.


I started out with two coats of white for a base on all nails.

I then free handed an anchor in red with a small nail art brush. Was a bit tricky as i tend to be shaky when free handing!


I then used Teismom nail vinyls for the stripes.I love those things!

I had to lay the blue on pretty thick so it was opaque enough to match my pointer (which had 3 coats).

I put two coats of red on my pinky and left my thumb white.


All topped with G&G HK Girl Topcoat!

All in all a fairly simple yet good looking mani.

Colour Blocking

A fun and easy mani!

I really love the colours I used  in this.

All Ulta3 –

  • Dark Orange – Peach Pie
  • Light Orange – Orange Blossom
  • Dark Brown – Bamboo
  • Light Brown – Blossom Fever
  • White – Lily White



For this mani I put down a white base then used 3 peices of striping tape per finger to create some spaces.

I used the polish brush to quickly fill the squares in and removed the tape while the polish was still wet (works much better that way)

Top coated with G&G HK Girl.

Goldfish Nails

This mani wasnt really planned, I pretty much just made it up as I went along.

I started with a white base (Ulta3 Lily White)

I then randomly sponged splotches of Ulta3 Sizzling Red, Tahiti & Frangipani.


Once the top coat (G&G HK Girl) was dry I stamped using Moyou Pro Plate 02 and Ulta 3 Black Satin.

Once I realized the stamp resembled scales I got the idea to turn them into goldfish nails.

I used small gold hexagon glitter and placed it filling in two of the scales on each finger.

I also placed glitter on the joins in the scale pattern.

Here is the end result!


Hope you like them! I’m very pleased with how they turned out!

3 months on Instagram!

I have now been sharing my nail art on instagram for 3 months!

I’m proud to have come a long way in that short time.

Here is a comparison photo!

Ulta3 Fruit Tingle & Stop The Press


Clean up, application and photography have vastly improved already! The first photo is quite embarrassing haha

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My Ulta3 Obsession!

It all started 3 months ago. I grabbed 5 Ulta3 pastel colours from my local chemist. Little did I know, that 5 would turn into near 150 Ulta3 polishes. I NEED them all!

Ulta3 have an extensive range of colours, prices you can’t beat and a pretty good formula!

Here is a photo of my collection from about a month ago. There were I think 105 then. So pretty!

You can look forward to seeing many of my ulta3 nail art creations! IMG_20140419_191500