Subtle Stamping Over Gradient

The first challenge for Nail Art June on IG was Sky.


I decided to do a simple white and blue gradient.

Giving the effect of cloudy blue skies.

Colours used –

Ulta3 Lily White & Coral Colours Nottingham

I put a white base on all of my nails.

I then put a line of blue and a line of white polish on a sponge and applied it to my nails in a dabbing motion.


I did about 3 layers of sponging on each nail.

Once that was almost dry I applied my HK Girl Topcoat to smooth it all out.

The next day I thought I’d reuse my mani and do some stamping over it.


I decided to use white polish for the stamping

to give it a subtle look.

I used Moyou London Pro Plate 01

Really like the way the stamping turned out!

Brooke x

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