Galaxy Nails Ulta3 Nail Art


I absolutely love galaxy nails! I love how they look, how much depth they can have and how creative you can be doing them!


As always I started with a great base coat.

Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!

PSX_20140607_161042Also finishing with G&G HK Girl Topcoat.

Colours used for this mani are all Ulta3

 PSX_20140607_161025Firstly I put down one coat of midnight fever. I then put one coat of the amazingly sparkly triple threat (perfect for galaxy nails!)

Once that was reasonably dry I got a makeup sponge and put a line of lily white diagonally across my nail.  I did the same with blue marlin, tone it up & gingerbread making sure to leave some of each colour showing. I then topped with stop the press.


Stop the press is an awesome topper for all kinds of manis, including galaxy nails!

Brooke x


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