Fun Striping Tape Mani

I thought I’d have a play around with some striping tape!
This mani was pretty fiddly. All that tape! Lol
It was well worth it in the end though!


Colours – Ulta3 Corsican Rose & Snazzle
Base & Topcoat by Glisten & Glow.



Here is a pictorial 🙂


□ Apply base coat. I used G&G Stuck on blu!
□ Apply 3 coats of chosen colour.
□ Add a glitter coat to pointer and pinky.
□ Apply fast drying topcoat to all nails. I used HK Girl Topcoat.
□ Once dry, use two pieces of striping tape to make a cross on your nail. Then add more tape making smaller triangles in each of the four corners.
□ Apply silver polish over the whole nail covering all of the tape.
□ Immediately remove your striping tape. Make sure you do this when the polish is still wet.
□ Clean up any excess polish on or around the cuticle.
□ Wait for the silver to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.

Hope you guys enjoy and give it a go!

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