Petal Polish – Aspley Collection

Today I have the gorgeous Aspley Collection by Petal Polish.


Petal Polish is a Brisbane based indie polish maker. Her polish creations are based on flowers, which make for some absolutely stunning colours. This collection is based on flowers found in her neighborhood.

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Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art


Look what I have today!
I was very excited to receive the Ulta3 black board nails kit to review.
I have been wanting this product ever since I heard whispers of it.

The Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art Pack includes, a black matte base coat, 5 pastel, chalk coloured nail art stripers & a bonus double ended dotting tool.

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Shades Of Phoenix – Hades, Poseidon & Dionysus.


I am very excited to show you guys these polishes today, they are my very first Shades Of Phoenix and I am quite impressed!

These three polishes were inspired by the     Gods of Olympus.
Hades –  King of the underworld, God of the Dead and Riches.
Poseidon – God of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses.
Dionysus –  God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and religious ecstasy.
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Dead Set Babes – Cult Cliques

Dead Set Babes are an indie polish company based in Australia.
They create absolutely beautiful, high quality, hand-made polishes, nail care items and decals.

Back in may when I received these polishes I was not yet blogging so I thought it would be nice to do a special post for them now.

The Cult Cliques Collection was inspired by 3 movies, Mean girls, Heathers & Jaw Breaker.

The “Mean Girls” set consists of –
So Fetch!, Burn Book, You Can’t Sit With Us and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

The “Heathers” set consists of –
Corn Nuts, Lick It Up Baby, Lick It Up and Liquid Draino.

The “Jawbreaker” set consists of –
I Killed The Teen Dream, My Vylette, Learn It Live It Love It and The Cat’s Meow.

This collection is filled with beautiful coloured holographic polishes that are absolutely eye-catching!

Today I have 5 swatches to show you.
The first two are from the “Mean Girls”  set.

A bright pink/magenta holo.
This is 3 coats but it was almost opaque with just one!

A wonderful bright blue holo.
This is 3 coats but again it was almost opaque with just one!

The next three are from the “Jawbreaker” set.

A striking red holo. So, so beautiful. I can see myself wearing this again and again!

A unique and beautiful pale green holo.
This is 3 coats but 2 would have been just fine!

An orange/bronze holo.
I really love this colour! It’s so different and pretty!

Now lets talk about the brilliant formula of these polishes. I’m going to say that these polishes have the best formula I have ever used. They glide on so perfectly and coverage is outstanding! I always look forward to wearing Dead set babes because I know how fun it is to apply and I love the perfect results!

I was also sent some of their fantastic nail vinyls called Dead Set Decals
Here are some nail art looks using them.

Dead Set Decals – Dripping decal.

Colours are Dead Set Babes –
Strange Magic & Learn it, Live it, Love it.

Dead Set Decals – Polish bottles.
They are so adorable!


Colours are Dead Set Babes –
I Killed The Teen Dream & So Fetch!

Dead Set Decals – Small chevron

Colours are Dead Set Babes –
The Cat’s Meow & Burn Book

I am absolutely flawed with the quality of Dead Set Babes products.
I highly recommend them to everyone.
Do yourself a favor and head over to –
Brooke x

Magic Balm by Peaches Polish

Peaches Polish is a hand blended, cruelty free & 5 free australian indie nail polish maker.
Magic Balm is not just for your cuticles. This balm can be used for lips, feet and any other dry skin spots you may have.


For this review I will be focusing on cuticle use.
The balms are 100% natural and come in small tubs with a little going a long way and for $3.50 you can’t go past it.
It is a thick coconut scented balm. You can use just a little and massage it in or you can apply it liberally before bed each night as I do.
I have been using this balm for a couple of weeks now and I’m very impressed with the results.
My skin is naturally dry and with it being winter at the moment it is even more so. After using the balm nightly my cuticles are now soft with no flaky dry bits and no hang nails. No more yucky winter cuticles! I will continue to use this product for as long as it is available!
To get your hands on some and to check out all of the beautiful polishes Kristy has to offer head over to –
Brooke x

Blue Bird Nails – Romanian Princess

Blue bird nails is a Sydney based, Australian owned and made indie polish company.

This was my first ever indie polish.  I entered a giveaway on IG and was so stocked to have won 3rd place and my first indie.
Romanian Princess is a raspberry jelly base full of gorgeous micro glitter. It also has big and small assorted colour glitters throughout.

In these swatches I have two coats plus a topcoat. Application was nice and easy.  No fishing was needed, the glitters came easily and placed themselves on the nail nicely.


For my accent nail I decided to pack it with lots of little colourful assorted gems. It was a bit of fun and something different.

To get this polish and check out the other gorgeous colours available head over to

Brooke x

Jelly Sandwich Ulta3 Nail Art

I haven’t done many jelly sandwiches during my nail art journey, I don’t know why because I absolutely love the look of them!

What is a jelly sandwich you ask?
It is glitter polish ‘sandwiched’ between layers of a see through/jelly polish.
Usually two colour coats for the base, glitter for the filling and another colour coat for the top.

I started off as I always do with G&G Stuck On Blu! as my base.
I then painted two layers of Ulta3 Scarlet followed by a layer of Ulta3 Disco fever (two sizes of red hexagon glitter in a clear base) and a layer of Ulta3 Twinkle Toes (two sizes of silver hexagon glitter)

I then added one more layer of Ulta3 Scarlet for the top of the sandwich. I love the depth you get using this technique.
Once the polish had dried a little I topped it off with a coat of G&G HK Girl Topcoat.

To add the final touches I used the Ulta3 Nail Art Striper in Black Satin to draw a random design then placed some small silver hexagon glitters for some extra bling!


You can find all Ulta3 products here –
Hope you guys like my design 🙂
Brooke x

Celestial Cosmetics L.E July 2014


Celestial Cosmetics is an aussie owned indie brand. 3 free unique custom hand made beautiful polishes.
I received this polish in a mini along with my order for Celestial’s Nail Care Squad (review coming soon)
This polish has absolutely blown me away!
As soon as I opened the bottle and saw the eye catching holographic particles dripping down the brush I was mesmerized!

The L.E July is a beautiful purple creme full of scattered holographic glitter.
In the shade it is a lovely light shimmering purple. Once the sun or light catches it the full beauty is revealed.  A deep mesmerizing purple scatterd holo that I could literally stare at all day long.

After applying the first coat this polish was pretty much opaque. I have a two coat rule for all polishes so these swatches are 2 coats plus topcoat.
Filtered light shots.




I was constantly getting distracted by the wonderful holo in this polish while applying. Just so flawless!

Under direct light using my LED daylight globe.



I love the way the light reflects on the holo goodness!

If you like this polish then you are sure to love Celestial Cosmetic’s range!
Head over to
to get your hands on some now!
Brooke x

Leopard Print & Stripes Over Nude Gradient Ulta3 Nail Art

I love nude gradients and I also love leopard print so I thought I may aswell mix the two 🙂


Colours used – Ulta3
• Lily White • Cloud Nine • Gingerbread •
• Party Shoes • Black Satin •
Base & Top Coat from Glisten & Glow

Here is how I did it.


1, Apply a base coat & paint the whole nail white. I used Ulta3 Lily White.
2, Paint 3 nude colours overlapping just a little onto a makeup sponge. I use the wedge ones. Some people dampen their sponge but I just use it dry.
3, Apply your first layer and wait for it to dry.
4, Apply more polish to your sponge and apply to nail in a dabbing motion. Repeat until you achieve desired opacity.


5, Apply topcoat. I use G&G HK Girl.
6, Once dry apply 4 lines of striping tape. I get my striping tape from ebay.
7, Paint pink polish ( Ulta3 Party Shoes ) in the center space keeping between the two inner tape lines.

8, Paint black ( Ulta3 Black satin ) along the side strips between the inner and outer tape.


9, Remove the tape as quickly as possible to achieve clean lines.
10, Take a dotting tool and place random pink spots for the leopard print on either side of the black lines.
11, Again with a dotting tool use black polish to outline your spots.
12, Wait for the print to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.

Love the way these look!
Hope the tutorial is helpful.
Brooke x