Celestial Cosmetics L.E July 2014


Celestial Cosmetics is an aussie owned indie brand. 3 free unique custom hand made beautiful polishes.
I received this polish in a mini along with my order for Celestial’s Nail Care Squad (review coming soon)
This polish has absolutely blown me away!
As soon as I opened the bottle and saw the eye catching holographic particles dripping down the brush I was mesmerized!

The L.E July is a beautiful purple creme full of scattered holographic glitter.
In the shade it is a lovely light shimmering purple. Once the sun or light catches it the full beauty is revealed.  A deep mesmerizing purple scatterd holo that I could literally stare at all day long.

After applying the first coat this polish was pretty much opaque. I have a two coat rule for all polishes so these swatches are 2 coats plus topcoat.
Filtered light shots.




I was constantly getting distracted by the wonderful holo in this polish while applying. Just so flawless!

Under direct light using my LED daylight globe.



I love the way the light reflects on the holo goodness!

If you like this polish then you are sure to love Celestial Cosmetic’s range!
Head over to http://www.celestialcosmetics.com.au
to get your hands on some now!
Brooke x

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