Shades Of Phoenix – Hades, Poseidon & Dionysus.


I am very excited to show you guys these polishes today, they are my very first Shades Of Phoenix and I am quite impressed!

These three polishes were inspired by the     Gods of Olympus.
Hades –  King of the underworld, God of the Dead and Riches.
Poseidon – God of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses.
Dionysus –  God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and religious ecstasy.

Swatch Time!



This polish has a black/blue jelly base stuffed full with black diamonds, blue &
holographic square glitter and some lovely periwinkle.


Here I have 2 coats with a top coat.
Application of this polish was a little tougher than the others but I just put that down to the glorious amount of glitter. I was careful to apply it as evenly as possible but still had a few lumpy pieces. Those were very easily fixed with a topcoat.



A gorgeous emerald green jelly base with lots of turquoise glitters, little blue squares and white strips.


This is just 2 coats and a topcoat.
Poseidon would have to be my pick of the three. The amount of glitter and the way the polish sits on your nail giving such depth and shine was unbelievable!




A deep purple jelly base loaded with lots of different coloured and shaped glitters, including hexagons, squares and strips.


This is 3 coats and a topcoat.
How stunning is this! The purple grape jelly and all the coloured glitters Teneil chose are just so spot on for Dionysus! This polish was a little more sheer than the other two so I used 3 coats and a top coat.
Application was nice and the glitters came out easily with absolutely no fishing required. Actually all three were very giving with their glitters!


I am stunned by the perfect formula of these polishes!
So much glittery jelly goodness!
To get your hands on these beautiful aussie indies head over to –

Brooke x

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