Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art


Look what I have today!
I was very excited to receive the Ulta3 black board nails kit to review.
I have been wanting this product ever since I heard whispers of it.

The Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art Pack includes, a black matte base coat, 5 pastel, chalk coloured nail art stripers & a bonus double ended dotting tool.

The bottles have a very cool matte finish on them to add some extra fun.
The Black Matte coat is a normal sized 13ml bottle.
The stripers are 7ml, I have a few different Ulta3 nail art stripers which all came in 5ml bottles so it’s nice having a little extra with these ones.



The 5 coloured stripers come in pink, blue, white, yellow and purple.
The brush in the stripers is a good size, there were a few stray hairs at the endsΒ  of a couple of my brushes so I just gave them a little nip with scissors.


The double ended dotting tool is actually quite cool. It has a small sized dotter on one end and on the other is a very small oval shaped dotter. I have around 10 dotting tools but have not got one of this shape. I like it because it actually works to make small lines aswell as dots.


I decided to go with the obvious school black board for this mani.
I did some letters, numbers and a flower πŸ™‚


The matte black has perfect coverage and really I could have just left it at one coat but went for two as the instructions said to.
Dry time was very good. The great thing about matte polish is that you can actually see it drying,Β  the more matte it becomes, the drier it is getting.
There was a bit of a streaky finish left behind but I think it added to the chalk board effect nicely!

The stripers were lovely to use, they held the right amount of polish and the colours matched chalk perfectly.


I absolutely love the Ulta3 Black Board Nail art pack. If you would like to win one you should head over to Ulta3’s instagram page where they have 18 packs to giveaway in their current competition! Closes 12pm Friday 1st August 2014

Available at selected pharmacies from next week.
Find your nearest stockist using the Ulta3 Stockist Locater –
(only works on pc)

Brooke x

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