Petal Polish – Aspley Collection

Today I have the gorgeous Aspley Collection by Petal Polish.


Petal Polish is a Brisbane based indie polish maker. Her polish creations are based on flowers, which make for some absolutely stunning colours. This collection is based on flowers found in her neighborhood.

I was very impressed by all six polishes. The glitter was plentiful, the formula a breeze to work with and the variation in colours and types of polish was a lot of fun.

Time for some swatches!

*The Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae. Member species are often noted for their showy flowers.*


A mustard yellow creme polish full of a gorgeous dusty orange shimmer.
Yellow is my favourite colour, for some reason though I’m not usually drawn to yellow in polish.



Hibiscus is now one of my favourite polishes. I think the shimmer helps tone down what is in general such a bright colour. This yellow is one I was more than happy to wear and will do so again!
Three coats plus a top coat.

*The african tulip is an ornamental tree and is much appreciated for its very
showy reddish-orange or crimson campanulate flowers.*


A deep orange/red jelly with a golden shimmer.
Ah this colour! I absolutely love this.
This polish can look both orange and red depending on your lighting and how many coats you apply.



Here I have three coats for the swatch but I would also wear this with just two for a more orange tone.

*The Bougainvillea is a  is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves near its flowers.*


A bright pink jelly filled with pink and white hexagons and lots of glitter!
This is such a cute and girly colour. It reminds me of yummy fairy floss.



This was also my 6 year old daughters favourite (imagine that lol)
Here I have three coats and a topcoat.

*The Agapanthus is a genus of herbaceous perennials that mostly bloom in summer. The leaves are basal and curved, linear, and up to 60 cm (24 in) long. They are arranged in two rows.*


A striking blue/purple glitter bomb! This polish just SPARKLES! The amount and types of glitter are all.perfect and work
so well together in this mix.



This is one of my favourite colours from the collection. It has a bit of a ‘Frozen’ look to it aswell so that’s a bonus!
Here I have just two coats and a topcoat.

*The bromeliad is a plant that is adapted to a number of climates. Foliage takes different shapes, from needle-thin to broad and flat, symmetrical to irregular, spiky to soft. The foliage, which usually grows in a rosette, is widely patterned and colored.*


A beautiful raspberry jelly packed with all kinds of beautiful glitters. This polish has a gorgeous depth to it.



It was very distracting with all that sparkling glittery goodness. Another one of my favourites!
Here I have three coats and a topcoat.

*The may Bush’s genus name Spiraea comes form the Greek word for wreath, referring to the flowering branches used for garlands.*


An elegant white glitter topper with white and iridescent hexagons swimming in a beautiful glittery shimmer.

2014-07-27 09.27.59


I think this polish is just so pretty, I see it as being a bit bridal. The amount of glitter on the brush was generous and there was no need for any fishing. Here I have two coats and topcoat over a black base.

I am so glad I purchased this collection. I love Petal Polish and will be buying many more!       Petal-Banner  If you would like to get your hands on some pretty petals head over to –

Brooke x

*Definitions of flowers taken from Wikipedia*

5 thoughts on “Petal Polish – Aspley Collection

  1. Attempting Fantastic says:

    Lovely polishes and fabulous swatches too- you really did each polish justice 🙂
    I love Agapanthus, I have them in my garden and the colour is so pretty (the polish version is awesome too ❤ )

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