Swatcher’s Collaboration Collection by Celestial Cosmetics


Today I have the gorgeous
‘Swatcher’s Collaboration Collection’
to share with you.

This collection consists of 5 polishes, each designed by one of Nicki’s swatchers.
I think that all of the collaborators and Celestial Cosmetics did a brilliant job creating these absolutely stunning polishes.

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Resinail Lacquer

Today I have another amazing new indie polish to show you guys.


Resinal are an Australian based company that have a stunning range of hand mixed 5 free nail polish and nail care items.

I was sent three amazing Resinail polishes to swatch and review, two fabulous holo glitter polishes and a true linear holo.


The bottles are 12ml and have a nice wide brush for easy application.
This polish has a great formula with just the right amount of pigment and glitter!    All swatches are just two coats!

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An Indie Extravaganza Volume I

The Indie Extravaganza box. Presented by the wonderful Powder Perfect


There will be three big top themed boxes being released over the coming months.

Each containing 5 limited edition polishes from our amazing aussie indie makers! These polishes are designed to represent each makers signature style.
There will only be a maximum of 100 polishes made in each shade with some only ever having 25.

I was so impressed with every one of these polishes. Our aussie makers sure know how to do it right!

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Jolie Polish Brush

Throughout my nail art journey I have had a hell of a time trying to find a cleanup brush that can withstand daily acetone use.

The first clean up brush I had was the E.L.F.
What a bargain for only $3 right?…, not at all.
Worked great in acetone free remover but as soon as it hit the acetone it immediately started breaking down and shedding.


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