Ulta3 Pro Salon Manicure

Back in September 2012 Ulta3 brought out a new range called the Pro Salon Manicure Collection. I know I’m a little late but hey,  better now than never 😉

These polishes have a unique 5 in 1 formula.
•Base Coat    •Vitamin Enriched
•Colour           •Top Coat
•Fast Drying

The wide brush in the Pro range is fantastic. For $5 a bottle I am very pleased!

This range came out with 10 colours.
•Red Affair             •Tutu Pink
•Electric Sunrise    •Purple Fusion
•Hot Pink Petals      •Lilac Dream
•Coral Crush            •Sky Blue
•Pretty In Pink       •Café au Lait

I have 5 of the colours to show you today.

Sky Blue
A baby blue pastel.
This is just two coats and a topcoat. Beautiful colour!

Lilac Dream
A gorgeous pale purple that has a subtle pink/blue shimmer.
Almost a one coater.  Here I have 2 with a topcoat.

Café au Lait
A gorgeous latte coloured nude.
An easy 2 coats and top coat.

Pretty In Pink
The most beautiful Barbie pink.
Here I have 2 coats and a topcoat.

Electric Melon
A bright almost neon orange/red.
This one is quite sheer so I have three coats plus a topcoat.

This range of polishes are just perfect! Amazing colours, application, formula and drying time!
Definitely a must have!
Brooke x

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