Jolie Polish Brush

Throughout my nail art journey I have had a hell of a time trying to find a cleanup brush that can withstand daily acetone use.

The first clean up brush I had was the E.L.F.
What a bargain for only $3 right?…, not at all.
Worked great in acetone free remover but as soon as it hit the acetone it immediately started breaking down and shedding.


The revlon lasted a while longer but after just a couple of weeks it was unusable. Random hairs falling out everywhere and no shape left to the brush at all.


Finally I sought the wisdom of my nailies on IG and was lead to the Jolie Polish Brush.

As soon as I read it could be used in straight acetone without shedding I ordered one!
This brush is actually a 3 in 1 tool. A clean up brush, a french tip brush and a dotting tool!
I haven’t yet tried it for french tips but have seen many great reviews for that.


I wanted to wait at least a month before doing this review just to be sure.
I’m going on nearly 2 months now with the Jolie Polish Brush and couldn’t be more happy. It’s still as good as the day I received it. Not a hair has been shed!
It is the perfect clean up brush!

Here is a comparison of the 3.


If you are also struggling with awful clean up brushes I strongly suggest you order the Jolie Polish Brush asap!
Get your brush here –

(Australia, Canada, UK, France and Singapore Customers)

(American Customers)

Brooke x

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