Nail Stamping Decals

I have seen these done by lots of other artists and really wanted to try them.
I had a heap of fun making them and will certainly be doing a lot more in the future!


I’ll give you guys a bit of a write up on the method I used.

Firstly I got myself a glad bag (plastic zip lock bag)
I drew 6 squares on the bag with a pen as a rough guide to where I would be placing the stamps.
I then used my Ulta3 clear base coat and applied a thin layer in each square.
Once that was dry I stamped my chosen image in black over the clear layer.
Next is the fun bit, It’s basically just colouring in!


I found it quite relaxing!
Once you have finished colouring your design leave it until completely dry.
Finally top off your decals with another clear coat.
I waited overnight to make sure my decals were 100% dry but I’m sure a couple of hours would be fine.
When you are ready to use your decals you can cut out the part you want with scissors.
Remove the layer of plastic and apply a thin coat of clear polish to your nail. Stick your design down and smooth out any wrinkles.
Trim away the excess decal and topcoat!


I absolutely love this technique as you could make a heap of decals and have a bunch sitting there whenever you need them!

For this design I used Pueen Encore SE02A, Konad Black and a bunch of Ulta3

Brooke x

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