Swatcher’s Collaboration Collection by Celestial Cosmetics


Today I have the gorgeous
‘Swatcher’s Collaboration Collection’
to share with you.

This collection consists of 5 polishes, each designed by one of Nicki’s swatchers.
I think that all of the collaborators and Celestial Cosmetics did a brilliant job creating these absolutely stunning polishes.

‘Belt Of Venus’
A collaboration polish with Lily And Jinks


A deep purple jelly base with lots of pink and copper hex glitters and fine gold glitter throughout.


I adore the purple jelly base of this polish and find the copper glitter gives a lovely effect.


Easy application.
Just two coats plus topcoat.
‘Bay Of Rainbows’
A collaboration polish with It’s All About The Polish


A deep green jelly base filled with gold,  turquoise and silver glitter including stars, big and small dots and fine glitters.


Look at that beautiful depth! I have realized that I have a love for these big circle glitters in jelly polish. They mesmerise me!


Application was again quite easy with plenty of glitter.
Two coats plus topcoat.

‘Cosmic Clouds’ A collaboration with Lady Bird Lacquer


A delicious red jelly base filled with blue and teal glitter flakes.


This polish looks a bit darker in the bottle than on the nail. In the daylight it is a rather bright red jelly and some of the blue glitter shifts to purple!


Lovely smooth application.
This is two coats plus topcoat.

‘Cassiopeia’ A collaboration polish with Shatter Me Claire


A bright salmon pink linear holo with a strong orange flame.


Just stunning! I’m a real sucker for holos!


Two coats plus topcoat.

‘Obsidian’ A collaboration polish with Serenity Nails


A gorgeous dark grey leaning to navy  scattered holo.


This would have to be my favorite in this collection! I love a good grey polish and bonus points for it being a holo!


Two coats and topcoat.

Nicki and her swatchers should all be extremely proud of this collection.
All these polishes are brilliantly made and designed. Well done!

Get the whole set now and save 10%!

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Brooke x

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