Ulta3 Nail Art

Hi guys! 🙂

I thought I’d do a post sharing some of my recent nail art using Ulta3 polishes.
I now own over 200 Ulta3 colours and love having such a wide range of colours for my nail art.

Ulta3 Nail Art

First up one of my favourite manis that I’ve ever done.

This was a recreation of a mani done by the talented @oliviajade19 on Instagram.
She was holding a competition in celebration of reaching 10k+ followers (very well deserved)
As I was scrolling through all of her amazing art I was constantly drawn to her stunning butterfly nails.
I have only done butterfly nails once before around 5 or 6 months ago.
These look a hell of a lot better than the
those ones did! 🙂


All Ulta3 colours.
Yellow – Exotic Canary
Orange – Peach Paradise
Pink – Pink Peony
Black –  Acrylic Paint


This mani was for a nail art challenge on IG in september that called for ‘Chevron’
I decided to do a quick and easy stamped mani.
I like how these turned out. Simple but effective!


Base colour is Ulta3 – Peach Paradise
Stamped using Konad Black & Moyou London Pro Plate 02


I’m not really sure what to name this one haha 🙂
I wanted to practice doing some freehand lines using an Ulta3 nail art striper.
I thought I’d keep it pretty simple in the hopes that I wouldn’t end up ruining the whole mani! Lol


All Ulta3 colours,
Dark Pink – Strawberry Sundae
Light Pink – Candy mohair (New)
White – Lily White
I also added a few diamontes for fun 🙂


I had been wanting to try this design for such a long time but was too scared. After some striping practice I got up the courage to try it out. So glad I did!
These were so much easier than I had anticipated, especially using nail art stripers.


All Ulta3 colours,
Nude – Creme Brulee
Red – Sizzling Red Nail Art Striper
Black – Black Satin Nail Art Striper                                      White – Lily White Nail Art Striper


I’m hoping to do a post like this at least
once or twice a month. That way any of you who aren’t following me on IG can have a look at some of my work 🙂

To get your hands on some Ulta3 pop over to their online store or check out their stockist locator here!

Brooke xx

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