Grace-Full Nail Polish

A new aussie indie polish created by the talented Theresa @itsallaboutpolish

Grace-full Nail Polish have opened with three wonderful collections.

The ‘Fellowship Collection’ based on The Lord Of The Rings.
Consisting of 10 polishes including jellies, crellies, sparkles and a holo!
– Gandalf’s Fireworks – You Have My Bow – And My Axe – Lady Of The Woods – The Fellowship Cloak- Mount Doom – The White Rider – The One – You Have My Sword – Arwen –

The ‘Christmas Collection’ a selection of gorgeous polishes that can be used all year round.
Consisting of 10 untraditional Christmas polishes.
– Holly Jolly Christmas – Merry – O Holy Night – Sugar Plum Fairy –

The ‘Nail That Accent Collection’ a range of glitter packed polishes perfect for accents.
Made to be used with undies/base colours, though would probably build to opacity with more coats.
So far there are 9 coloured glitters in the range.
– Violet – Light Pink – Navy
– Passion Pink – Turquoise – Multi –

I was lucky enough to receive 6 of these polishes to swatch and review.
I have two from the ‘Christmas Collection’ and four from the ‘Fellowship Collection’

I want to mention just how amazing the formula in all of these polishes is. Every single coat applied beautifully, had the perfect amount of glitter, pigment and there was absolutely no fishing necessary!
They are very high quality and the creator definitely knows how to make amazing polish!

Swatch time –

From the ‘Fellowship Collection’

‘Mount Doom’

Creator’s Notes : “The volcano that the Hobbits are journeying towards.
The red base and gold super holographic glitter give the look of the volcano.”
This polish is so so so sparkly! The holographic glitter is so strong and fun. The base colour is a deep red that is perfect!
Here I’ve used two coats plus topcoat.

‘The Fellowship Cloak’

Creator’s Notes : “The cloak given to the fellowship by Galadriel inspires this polish.
It was said to be light but warm and to camouflage into the surrounding environment.
The cape was silver/grey but you mainly saw it as green in the movie. This polish is a sage green crelly with subtle amounts of iridescent blue-green, copper and silver glitters.
The colour shift in the iridescent glitter mimics the way the cloak could change colour to camouflage the wearer.”
I adore this polish! I am a fan of crellies and this one is done perfectly! The gorgeous green base and the perfect selection of subtle glitters makes for a very wearable and unique polish.
Here I’ve used three coats plus topcoat.
Two coats would have sufficed but I like the extra depth of colour with three.

‘Gandalf’s Fireworks’

A stunning squishy glitter bomb with a purple jelly base and loads of gold, blue & pink hexagon and diamond shaped glitters.
I love the colour of this purple base, the mix of glitters works so well with it.
Here I have two coats plus topcoat.

‘And My Axe’

Creator’s Notes : “based on Gimli the dwarf from Lord of the Rings, the name also came from a quote made as the fellowship formed.
And My Axe has a red-brown base colour and is packed with holo glitter silver, gold, copper and bronze, the colours of the metals the Dwarfs would mine.”
A unique polish with some amazing depth!

From the ‘Christmas Collection’

‘Sugar Plum Fairy’

Based on the nutcracker.
A beautiful pink crelly filled with white, blue, pink and purple triangle & hexagon matte glitters and holographic circles.
Here I am wearing two dabbed coats plus topcoat.
Such a fun, girly polish!

‘O Holy Night’

A black jelly base with holo stars, hexes and fine glitters.
A perfectly captured starry night. Wearing this polish was like having my very own little galaxies on my nails! I could stare for days.
Here I have two coats plus topcoat.

I am in love with all of these polishes and plan to buy the rest of the collections and the fantastic looking ‘Nail That Accent Collection’

Theresa has done some outstanding work creating these brilliant polishes. I would highly recommend these to everyone!

All three collections are available now!

Store – Grace-full Nail Polish

IG – @gracefullnailpolish

Brooke x

These polishes were sent for my honest review. Please refer to my ‘Disclosure’ for more information.

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