Loki’s Nail Vinyls


A new line of nail vinyls and decals from Australian blogger Tara @lokislacquer

Nail vinyls are commonly used these days in nail art and we see a lot of the generic zigzags and straight vinyls.
Tara has decided to make some new and exciting styles that are not as widely available. She will also be making custom vinyls too and will have the option of colour choice.
I think this is a brilliant and unique idea!

A quick dry top coat is recommended to use over your vinyls when using as stickers as they are made of plastic product and will melt over time because of the solvent base used in nail polish.
Tara recommends using Seche Vite topcoat for these but I have also found that HK Girl works well too.

Worldwide shipping is available for all vinyls.

Prices range from $1.50 – $5.50 with customs being a little more expensive depending on the type and amount you order.

These vinyls are quite sticky so if you find that they adhere too much you can just pop them on the back of your hand to remove a little of the adhesive.
I like how sticky they are as I find the stick to my curvy nails extremely well!

Today I have 6 differnt styles to show you as well as some amazing nail aprons.


Tara has created these very useful nail aprons to help with the clean up of gradients and watermarbles.
The nail aprons come in two sizes, small and large.
They come in two pieces to ensure the best fit around your nail.
They are reusable for 10 or more nails. Simply peel them off and pop straight onto your next nail.
Here I have a little pictorial on how to use them.

I absolutely love these. They make clean up so much easier! I will be using these for all my messy manis in the future!

These are just adorable!

I have used them here in a sky mani that looks like the wallpaper from Toy Story!

This design is one of my favorites that I was sent.

I had a little bleeding on my index finger but that was caused by user error. You want to make sure that every edge and corner is stuck down well before applying polish over them.

These remind me of paddle pops and are just too cute!

I decided to colour a couple in with nail polish to make different flavours 🙂
I love that some of them have little bite marks taken out.

These vinyls are very versatile and could be used in countless ways.

Here I have used all three in one mani.

Head on over to Loki’s Nail Vinyls and check out the massive and unique selection of nail vinyls.

Everything is now available for pre order and will be released on Monday the 1st of December.

Shop – Loki’s Nail Vinyls
IG – @lokislacquer
Facebook – Loki’s Nail Vinyls

Brooke x

These products were sent for my honest review. Please refer to my disclosure for more information.

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