Fun Striping Tape Mani

I thought I’d have a play around with some striping tape!
This mani was pretty fiddly. All that tape! Lol
It was well worth it in the end though!


Colours – Ulta3 Corsican Rose & Snazzle
Base & Topcoat by Glisten & Glow.



Here is a pictorial 🙂


â–ˇ Apply base coat. I used G&G Stuck on blu!
â–ˇ Apply 3 coats of chosen colour.
â–ˇ Add a glitter coat to pointer and pinky.
â–ˇ Apply fast drying topcoat to all nails. I used HK Girl Topcoat.
â–ˇ Once dry, use two pieces of striping tape to make a cross on your nail. Then add more tape making smaller triangles in each of the four corners.
â–ˇ Apply silver polish over the whole nail covering all of the tape.
â–ˇ Immediately remove your striping tape. Make sure you do this when the polish is still wet.
â–ˇ Clean up any excess polish on or around the cuticle.
â–ˇ Wait for the silver to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.

Hope you guys enjoy and give it a go!

Galaxy Nails Ulta3 Nail Art


I absolutely love galaxy nails! I love how they look, how much depth they can have and how creative you can be doing them!


As always I started with a great base coat.

Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!

PSX_20140607_161042Also finishing with G&G HK Girl Topcoat.

Colours used for this mani are all Ulta3

 PSX_20140607_161025Firstly I put down one coat of midnight fever. I then put one coat of the amazingly sparkly triple threat (perfect for galaxy nails!)

Once that was reasonably dry I got a makeup sponge and put a line of lily white diagonally across my nail.  I did the same with blue marlin, tone it up & gingerbread making sure to leave some of each colour showing. I then topped with stop the press.


Stop the press is an awesome topper for all kinds of manis, including galaxy nails!

Brooke x


Subtle Stamping Over Gradient

The first challenge for Nail Art June on IG was Sky.


I decided to do a simple white and blue gradient.

Giving the effect of cloudy blue skies.

Colours used –

Ulta3 Lily White & Coral Colours Nottingham

I put a white base on all of my nails.

I then put a line of blue and a line of white polish on a sponge and applied it to my nails in a dabbing motion.


I did about 3 layers of sponging on each nail.

Once that was almost dry I applied my HK Girl Topcoat to smooth it all out.

The next day I thought I’d reuse my mani and do some stamping over it.


I decided to use white polish for the stamping

to give it a subtle look.

I used Moyou London Pro Plate 01

Really like the way the stamping turned out!

Brooke x

Fun & Bright Tape Mani


A bit retro, a bit sparkly and very cool.

I thought of this design while trying to fall asleep one night.

I love working with striping tape, you can do an amazing amount of different designs with it. You can do just one simple stripe or you can create a beautiful intricate pattern.

I used all @ulta3 polishes and Glisten & Glow Base & Topcoat.


Here’s a tutorial 🙂


– Apply base coat. I used G&G Stuck On Blu!

– Apply 3 coats of chosen colour.

– Paint a thick strip of glitter across your nail.

– Apply fast drying topcoat. I use HK Girl top coat.

– Once dry use two pieces of striping tape to outline your glitter. Then another few pieces for your coloured lines.

– Apply black polish on both sides of your glitter strips, covering the small tape lines.

– Immediately remove your striping tape. Make sure you do this when the polish is still wet!

– Clean up any excess polish on or around the cuticle area.

– Wait for the black to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.


Hope you enjoy and that the tutorial is helpful 🙂

Brooke x

Cartoon Nails!


This was the last challenge for nail art may on IG.
I had been wanting to try these out for a while but was too scared.
I thought I may aswell try it now though seeing as the challenge had come up.

I chose pink as I feel like it looks more cartoony. They make me think of Barbie

Colours used – @ulta3
– Fairy Floss
– Black Satin
– Lily White

Here is a little pictorial of how I did them.


â–ˇ Put on a base coat. I used G&G Stuck on blu!
â–ˇ Apply your colour. I used 3 coats of Ulta3 Fairy Floss.  
â–ˇ With a fine brush draw a thick black line all the way around the border of your nail. Clean up any excess polish on the cuticle area.                          
â–ˇ With a fine brush draw a white line up the side of your nail. Put a dot at the end of the line.
â–ˇ Finish with a topcoat. I used HK Girl Topcoat.


I then of course had to add a matte top coat (Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat)
It definitely finishes off the look!


Nautical Nails

A challenge from #nailartmay on Instagram.

Colours used – Ulta3 Lily White, Deep Sea Blue & Sizzling Red.


I started out with two coats of white for a base on all nails.

I then free handed an anchor in red with a small nail art brush. Was a bit tricky as i tend to be shaky when free handing!


I then used Teismom nail vinyls for the stripes.I love those things!

I had to lay the blue on pretty thick so it was opaque enough to match my pointer (which had 3 coats).

I put two coats of red on my pinky and left my thumb white.


All topped with G&G HK Girl Topcoat!

All in all a fairly simple yet good looking mani.