Grace-Full Nail Polish

A new aussie indie polish created by the talented Theresa @itsallaboutpolish

Grace-full Nail Polish have opened with three wonderful collections.

The ‘Fellowship Collection’ based on The Lord Of The Rings.
Consisting of 10 polishes including jellies, crellies, sparkles and a holo!
– Gandalf’s Fireworks – You Have My Bow – And My Axe – Lady Of The Woods – The Fellowship Cloak- Mount Doom – The White Rider – The One – You Have My Sword – Arwen –

The ‘Christmas Collection’ a selection of gorgeous polishes that can be used all year round.
Consisting of 10 untraditional Christmas polishes.
– Holly Jolly Christmas – Merry – O Holy Night – Sugar Plum Fairy –

The ‘Nail That Accent Collection’ a range of glitter packed polishes perfect for accents.
Made to be used with undies/base colours, though would probably build to opacity with more coats.
So far there are 9 coloured glitters in the range.
– Violet – Light Pink – Navy
– Passion Pink – Turquoise – Multi –

I was lucky enough to receive 6 of these polishes to swatch and review.
I have two from the ‘Christmas Collection’ and four from the ‘Fellowship Collection’

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Prettypots Polish – Wizard Of Oz Collection


A beautiful ‘Wizard of Oz’ inspired collection by Australian indie polish brand Prettypots Polish

This collection consists of four dazzling glitter bombs.

The formula in each of these polishes is spectacular.

They all have a coloured jelly base packed full of shiny and holographic glitters.
All polishes were opaque with no more than three coats and some only needing two.
Application was a breeze with the glitter spreading evenly over the whole nail. Considering the amount of glitter that is packed into these polishes I would have expected a little difficulty with application but to my surprise they applied rather smoothly!

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The Blue Out Back Duo – By Peaches Polish

Today I have a new duo from Peaches Polish to show you.
The duo consists of ‘Opal’ A squishy jelly with nice depth & ‘Evening Sky’ A beautiful blue scattered holo.


These polishes work perfectly together and definitely belong as a duo.

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Swatcher’s Collaboration Collection by Celestial Cosmetics


Today I have the gorgeous
‘Swatcher’s Collaboration Collection’
to share with you.

This collection consists of 5 polishes, each designed by one of Nicki’s swatchers.
I think that all of the collaborators and Celestial Cosmetics did a brilliant job creating these absolutely stunning polishes.

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Resinail Lacquer

Today I have another amazing new indie polish to show you guys.


Resinal are an Australian based company that have a stunning range of hand mixed 5 free nail polish and nail care items.

I was sent three amazing Resinail polishes to swatch and review, two fabulous holo glitter polishes and a true linear holo.


The bottles are 12ml and have a nice wide brush for easy application.
This polish has a great formula with just the right amount of pigment and glitter!    All swatches are just two coats!

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An Indie Extravaganza Volume I

The Indie Extravaganza box. Presented by the wonderful Powder Perfect


There will be three big top themed boxes being released over the coming months.

Each containing 5 limited edition polishes from our amazing aussie indie makers! These polishes are designed to represent each makers signature style.
There will only be a maximum of 100 polishes made in each shade with some only ever having 25.

I was so impressed with every one of these polishes. Our aussie makers sure know how to do it right!

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Dead Set Babes – Cult Cliques

Dead Set Babes are an indie polish company based in Australia.
They create absolutely beautiful, high quality, hand-made polishes, nail care items and decals.

Back in may when I received these polishes I was not yet blogging so I thought it would be nice to do a special post for them now.

The Cult Cliques Collection was inspired by 3 movies, Mean girls, Heathers & Jaw Breaker.

The “Mean Girls” set consists of –
So Fetch!, Burn Book, You Can’t Sit With Us and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

The “Heathers” set consists of –
Corn Nuts, Lick It Up Baby, Lick It Up and Liquid Draino.

The “Jawbreaker” set consists of –
I Killed The Teen Dream, My Vylette, Learn It Live It Love It and The Cat’s Meow.

This collection is filled with beautiful coloured holographic polishes that are absolutely eye-catching!

Today I have 5 swatches to show you.
The first two are from the “Mean Girls”  set.

A bright pink/magenta holo.
This is 3 coats but it was almost opaque with just one!

A wonderful bright blue holo.
This is 3 coats but again it was almost opaque with just one!

The next three are from the “Jawbreaker” set.

A striking red holo. So, so beautiful. I can see myself wearing this again and again!

A unique and beautiful pale green holo.
This is 3 coats but 2 would have been just fine!

An orange/bronze holo.
I really love this colour! It’s so different and pretty!

Now lets talk about the brilliant formula of these polishes. I’m going to say that these polishes have the best formula I have ever used. They glide on so perfectly and coverage is outstanding! I always look forward to wearing Dead set babes because I know how fun it is to apply and I love the perfect results!

I was also sent some of their fantastic nail vinyls called Dead Set Decals
Here are some nail art looks using them.

Dead Set Decals – Dripping decal.

Colours are Dead Set Babes –
Strange Magic & Learn it, Live it, Love it.

Dead Set Decals – Polish bottles.
They are so adorable!


Colours are Dead Set Babes –
I Killed The Teen Dream & So Fetch!

Dead Set Decals – Small chevron

Colours are Dead Set Babes –
The Cat’s Meow & Burn Book

I am absolutely flawed with the quality of Dead Set Babes products.
I highly recommend them to everyone.
Do yourself a favor and head over to –
Brooke x