Bon Temps Collection – Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails

Hi guys 🙂

Today I have some swatches from a new collection to show you.
This collection is a collaboration between Celestial Cosmetics & Color4Nails.
The Bon Temps Collection.
Six gorgeous polishes inspired by the TV Series True Blood.

These polishes have a black base with platinum flakes and colour shifting glitter throughout.
They are very complex and intriguing.
They look different at every angle and in different lighting.

I have tried my best to show as much shift as possible in my photos. I also did an underwater shot for each swatch.

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My Ulta3 Obsession!

It all started 3 months ago. I grabbed 5 Ulta3 pastel colours from my local chemist. Little did I know, that 5 would turn into near 150 Ulta3 polishes. I NEED them all!

Ulta3 have an extensive range of colours, prices you can’t beat and a pretty good formula!

Here is a photo of my collection from about a month ago. There were I think 105 then. So pretty!

You can look forward to seeing many of my ulta3 nail art creations! IMG_20140419_191500