Celestial Cosmetics – February

Today I have three of the February polishes from Celestial Cosmetics to share with you guys.

Celestial Cosmetics will now be releasing eight new polishes per month including 5 glitters/holos, two cremes and a stamping polish. Stock will be limited so get in quick just incase!

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Celestial Cosmetics – Nail Art

Celestial Cosmetics is the reason for my love of holographic polishes.
The first holo I owned was Celestial’s ‘Birth Of A Star’ (no longer available) a bonus with one of the first orders I made.
Since then my love has only grown!
Celestial Cosmetics holos never cease to amaze me.

I recently ordered their silver linear holo ‘Opie’
Absolutely stunning!

Here I’ve used 2 coats and a top coat.

I thought it would be fun to add even more holo as you can never have too much 😉
I chose a bright green and bright pink holo Celestial’s Adrenalin & Pink Posy.
I really enjoy using striping tape and love the crisp lines it achieves so decided a tape mani would be a good idea!

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The Blue Out Back Duo – By Peaches Polish

Today I have a new duo from Peaches Polish to show you.
The duo consists of ‘Opal’ A squishy jelly with nice depth & ‘Evening Sky’ A beautiful blue scattered holo.


These polishes work perfectly together and definitely belong as a duo.

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Dead Set Babes – Cult Cliques

Dead Set Babes are an indie polish company based in Australia.
They create absolutely beautiful, high quality, hand-made polishes, nail care items and decals.

Back in may when I received these polishes I was not yet blogging so I thought it would be nice to do a special post for them now.

The Cult Cliques Collection was inspired by 3 movies, Mean girls, Heathers & Jaw Breaker.

The “Mean Girls” set consists of –
So Fetch!, Burn Book, You Can’t Sit With Us and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

The “Heathers” set consists of –
Corn Nuts, Lick It Up Baby, Lick It Up and Liquid Draino.

The “Jawbreaker” set consists of –
I Killed The Teen Dream, My Vylette, Learn It Live It Love It and The Cat’s Meow.

This collection is filled with beautiful coloured holographic polishes that are absolutely eye-catching!

Today I have 5 swatches to show you.
The first two are from the “Mean Girls”  set.

A bright pink/magenta holo.
This is 3 coats but it was almost opaque with just one!

A wonderful bright blue holo.
This is 3 coats but again it was almost opaque with just one!

The next three are from the “Jawbreaker” set.

A striking red holo. So, so beautiful. I can see myself wearing this again and again!

A unique and beautiful pale green holo.
This is 3 coats but 2 would have been just fine!

An orange/bronze holo.
I really love this colour! It’s so different and pretty!

Now lets talk about the brilliant formula of these polishes. I’m going to say that these polishes have the best formula I have ever used. They glide on so perfectly and coverage is outstanding! I always look forward to wearing Dead set babes because I know how fun it is to apply and I love the perfect results!

I was also sent some of their fantastic nail vinyls called Dead Set Decals
Here are some nail art looks using them.

Dead Set Decals – Dripping decal.

Colours are Dead Set Babes –
Strange Magic & Learn it, Live it, Love it.

Dead Set Decals – Polish bottles.
They are so adorable!


Colours are Dead Set Babes –
I Killed The Teen Dream & So Fetch!

Dead Set Decals – Small chevron

Colours are Dead Set Babes –
The Cat’s Meow & Burn Book

I am absolutely flawed with the quality of Dead Set Babes products.
I highly recommend them to everyone.
Do yourself a favor and head over to – http://www.deadsetbabes.com
Brooke x

Celestial Cosmetics L.E July 2014


Celestial Cosmetics is an aussie owned indie brand. 3 free unique custom hand made beautiful polishes.
I received this polish in a mini along with my order for Celestial’s Nail Care Squad (review coming soon)
This polish has absolutely blown me away!
As soon as I opened the bottle and saw the eye catching holographic particles dripping down the brush I was mesmerized!

The L.E July is a beautiful purple creme full of scattered holographic glitter.
In the shade it is a lovely light shimmering purple. Once the sun or light catches it the full beauty is revealed.  A deep mesmerizing purple scatterd holo that I could literally stare at all day long.

After applying the first coat this polish was pretty much opaque. I have a two coat rule for all polishes so these swatches are 2 coats plus topcoat.
Filtered light shots.




I was constantly getting distracted by the wonderful holo in this polish while applying. Just so flawless!

Under direct light using my LED daylight globe.



I love the way the light reflects on the holo goodness!

If you like this polish then you are sure to love Celestial Cosmetic’s range!
Head over to http://www.celestialcosmetics.com.au
to get your hands on some now!
Brooke x