Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art


Look what I have today!
I was very excited to receive the Ulta3 black board nails kit to review.
I have been wanting this product ever since I heard whispers of it.

The Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art Pack includes, a black matte base coat, 5 pastel, chalk coloured nail art stripers & a bonus double ended dotting tool.

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Blue Bird Nails – Romanian Princess

Blue bird nails is a Sydney based, Australian owned and made indie polish company.

This was my first ever indie polish.  I entered a giveaway on IG and was so stocked to have won 3rd place and my first indie.
Romanian Princess is a raspberry jelly base full of gorgeous micro glitter. It also has big and small assorted colour glitters throughout.

In these swatches I have two coats plus a topcoat. Application was nice and easy.  No fishing was needed, the glitters came easily and placed themselves on the nail nicely.


For my accent nail I decided to pack it with lots of little colourful assorted gems. It was a bit of fun and something different.

To get this polish and check out the other gorgeous colours available head over to

Brooke x

Jelly Sandwich Ulta3 Nail Art

I haven’t done many jelly sandwiches during my nail art journey, I don’t know why because I absolutely love the look of them!

What is a jelly sandwich you ask?
It is glitter polish ‘sandwiched’ between layers of a see through/jelly polish.
Usually two colour coats for the base, glitter for the filling and another colour coat for the top.

I started off as I always do with G&G Stuck On Blu! as my base.
I then painted two layers of Ulta3 Scarlet followed by a layer of Ulta3 Disco fever (two sizes of red hexagon glitter in a clear base) and a layer of Ulta3 Twinkle Toes (two sizes of silver hexagon glitter)

I then added one more layer of Ulta3 Scarlet for the top of the sandwich. I love the depth you get using this technique.
Once the polish had dried a little I topped it off with a coat of G&G HK Girl Topcoat.

To add the final touches I used the Ulta3 Nail Art Striper in Black Satin to draw a random design then placed some small silver hexagon glitters for some extra bling!


You can find all Ulta3 products here –
Hope you guys like my design 🙂
Brooke x

Born Pretty Store Vortex Water Decals

The last item I have for review are these funky water transfers from Born Pretty Store.
I actually had a bit of trouble with these. They kept coming out backwards (the design would end up face down on my nail) I ended up transferring them onto my hand then peeled them off and applied to my nail the right way around.
They ended up ok in the end though. I’m not sure if I was doing it wrong or if I they have done them backwards :/


Find it here at –
Item #15193
Use my code BSBX31 for 10% off. Free shipping world wide!
Colour is Ulta3 Cloud Nine
Brooke x

Ulta3 Colour Game Collection Review & Nail Art


I only recently completed this collection a couple of weeks ago when I finally found Emerald Inten-City!

Now that I have them all I thought I’d do a little review and some nail art for you.

PSX_20140610_113357 Colours in the Colour Game Collection are as follows –

(Blue) Block It Out – A stunning bright blue with a beautiful eye-catching shimmer.

(Orange) Bright Me – A straight up in your face orange. This also has a beautiful shimmer.

(Green) Emerald Inten-City – A lovely emerald green. One of my favorite colours in the collection! Also has a slight shimmer.

(Pink) Tone It Up – This colour is just wonderful. It is a deep and bright

watermelon colour pink.

(Purple) Palette Play – The perfect purple. Not too bright and too dark. A very versatile purple.

I wanted to use all the colours in one nail art look.

I went for a half moon, striping tape mani.


□ Apply base coat. I used G&G Stuck on blu!

□ Apply a white base colour.

□ Apply fast drying topcoat to all nails. I used HK Girl Topcoat.

□ Once dry, apply a half moon nail vinyl. I used @teismom vinyls.

□ Apply four lines of striping tape making 5 even spaces.

□ Fill each of the spaces with different colours.

□ Immediately remove your striping tape and nail vinyls. Make sure you do this when the polish is still wet to achieve clean lines.

□ Clean up any excess polish on or around the cuticle.

□ Wait for the colours to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.

It looks like lollies!

PicsArt_1402357596848   I would say this is a must have collection for all nail polish enthusiasts!

Brooke x

Galaxy Nails Ulta3 Nail Art


I absolutely love galaxy nails! I love how they look, how much depth they can have and how creative you can be doing them!


As always I started with a great base coat.

Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!

PSX_20140607_161042Also finishing with G&G HK Girl Topcoat.

Colours used for this mani are all Ulta3

 PSX_20140607_161025Firstly I put down one coat of midnight fever. I then put one coat of the amazingly sparkly triple threat (perfect for galaxy nails!)

Once that was reasonably dry I got a makeup sponge and put a line of lily white diagonally across my nail.  I did the same with blue marlin, tone it up & gingerbread making sure to leave some of each colour showing. I then topped with stop the press.


Stop the press is an awesome topper for all kinds of manis, including galaxy nails!

Brooke x


Fun & Bright Tape Mani


A bit retro, a bit sparkly and very cool.

I thought of this design while trying to fall asleep one night.

I love working with striping tape, you can do an amazing amount of different designs with it. You can do just one simple stripe or you can create a beautiful intricate pattern.

I used all @ulta3 polishes and Glisten & Glow Base & Topcoat.


Here’s a tutorial 🙂


– Apply base coat. I used G&G Stuck On Blu!

– Apply 3 coats of chosen colour.

– Paint a thick strip of glitter across your nail.

– Apply fast drying topcoat. I use HK Girl top coat.

– Once dry use two pieces of striping tape to outline your glitter. Then another few pieces for your coloured lines.

– Apply black polish on both sides of your glitter strips, covering the small tape lines.

– Immediately remove your striping tape. Make sure you do this when the polish is still wet!

– Clean up any excess polish on or around the cuticle area.

– Wait for the black to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.


Hope you enjoy and that the tutorial is helpful 🙂

Brooke x

Colour Blocking

A fun and easy mani!

I really love the colours I used  in this.

All Ulta3 –

  • Dark Orange – Peach Pie
  • Light Orange – Orange Blossom
  • Dark Brown – Bamboo
  • Light Brown – Blossom Fever
  • White – Lily White



For this mani I put down a white base then used 3 peices of striping tape per finger to create some spaces.

I used the polish brush to quickly fill the squares in and removed the tape while the polish was still wet (works much better that way)

Top coated with G&G HK Girl.