Ulta3 Pro Salon Manicure

Back in September 2012 Ulta3 brought out a new range called the Pro Salon Manicure Collection. I know I’m a little late but hey,  better now than never 😉

These polishes have a unique 5 in 1 formula.
•Base Coat    •Vitamin Enriched
•Colour           •Top Coat
•Fast Drying

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Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art


Look what I have today!
I was very excited to receive the Ulta3 black board nails kit to review.
I have been wanting this product ever since I heard whispers of it.

The Ulta3 Black Board Nail Art Pack includes, a black matte base coat, 5 pastel, chalk coloured nail art stripers & a bonus double ended dotting tool.

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Jelly Sandwich Ulta3 Nail Art

I haven’t done many jelly sandwiches during my nail art journey, I don’t know why because I absolutely love the look of them!

What is a jelly sandwich you ask?
It is glitter polish ‘sandwiched’ between layers of a see through/jelly polish.
Usually two colour coats for the base, glitter for the filling and another colour coat for the top.

I started off as I always do with G&G Stuck On Blu! as my base.
I then painted two layers of Ulta3 Scarlet followed by a layer of Ulta3 Disco fever (two sizes of red hexagon glitter in a clear base) and a layer of Ulta3 Twinkle Toes (two sizes of silver hexagon glitter)

I then added one more layer of Ulta3 Scarlet for the top of the sandwich. I love the depth you get using this technique.
Once the polish had dried a little I topped it off with a coat of G&G HK Girl Topcoat.

To add the final touches I used the Ulta3 Nail Art Striper in Black Satin to draw a random design then placed some small silver hexagon glitters for some extra bling!


You can find all Ulta3 products here –
Hope you guys like my design 🙂
Brooke x

Leopard Print & Stripes Over Nude Gradient Ulta3 Nail Art

I love nude gradients and I also love leopard print so I thought I may aswell mix the two 🙂


Colours used – Ulta3
• Lily White • Cloud Nine • Gingerbread •
• Party Shoes • Black Satin •
Base & Top Coat from Glisten & Glow

Here is how I did it.


1, Apply a base coat & paint the whole nail white. I used Ulta3 Lily White.
2, Paint 3 nude colours overlapping just a little onto a makeup sponge. I use the wedge ones. Some people dampen their sponge but I just use it dry.
3, Apply your first layer and wait for it to dry.
4, Apply more polish to your sponge and apply to nail in a dabbing motion. Repeat until you achieve desired opacity.


5, Apply topcoat. I use G&G HK Girl.
6, Once dry apply 4 lines of striping tape. I get my striping tape from ebay.
7, Paint pink polish ( Ulta3 Party Shoes ) in the center space keeping between the two inner tape lines.

8, Paint black ( Ulta3 Black satin ) along the side strips between the inner and outer tape.


9, Remove the tape as quickly as possible to achieve clean lines.
10, Take a dotting tool and place random pink spots for the leopard print on either side of the black lines.
11, Again with a dotting tool use black polish to outline your spots.
12, Wait for the print to dry a bit before applying topcoat to avoid smudging.

Love the way these look!
Hope the tutorial is helpful.
Brooke x

Born Pretty Store Vortex Water Decals

The last item I have for review are these funky water transfers from Born Pretty Store.
I actually had a bit of trouble with these. They kept coming out backwards (the design would end up face down on my nail) I ended up transferring them onto my hand then peeled them off and applied to my nail the right way around.
They ended up ok in the end though. I’m not sure if I was doing it wrong or if I they have done them backwards :/


Find it here at –
Item #15193
Use my code BSBX31 for 10% off. Free shipping world wide!
Colour is Ulta3 Cloud Nine
Brooke x

Neon Circle Glitter From Born Pretty Store

The next item I was sent by Born Pretty Store to review are these gorgeous neon circle glitters.
Here I’ve free handed a tree and placed the glitters with top coat.
They are bright, fun and have so many uses!


Find them here –
Item #15085
Don’t forget to use my code BSBX31 for 10% off your purchase! Free shipping worldwide!
Colours Ulta3 Creme Brulee & Black Satin Nail Art Striper.
Brooke x

Bow embellishment from Born Pretty Store

I was recently sent some items to review from Born Pretty Store.
Here I have one of their cute 3D Bow embellishments.
I decided to copy the pattern on the bow and did the opposite on my accent nail.
I stuck it on with a dab of top coat. I love how cute it looks.


Find it here at –
Item # 11798
Use my code BSBX31 for 10% off your purchase. Free shipping world wide! 
Colours are Ulta3 Strawberry Sundae & Pink Hibiscus.
Brooke x